Comment Policy

For a while, we’ve operated without a written comment policy, but we believe it is time to make clear our policies and practices regarding comments on this blog.

We welcome thoughtful and respectful comments to our posts, but we don’t welcome all comments. We view comment threads as a forum for civil intelligent discussion. We therefore reserve the right to edit or delete comments or ban commenters. Although we welcome strong disagreement, we don’t welcome name calling, rudeness, insults, privacy invasions, defamation, or crude remarks. Since our aim is for a discussion that is civil and intelligent, we may delete comments that strike us as stupid, that don’t contribute to the debate, or that are shrill and not in the spirit of reasoned discourse. We will also delete irrelevant comments, and we will ban sock puppets. We may give warnings to problem commenters or in problematic threads. Our judgment on whether to delete a comment or ban a commenter is final. Please feel free to disagree with us, and to disagree strongly, but be respectful of us and others. If you don’t like the tone and tenor of the discussions we want to foster here, then there are plenty of other places in the blogosphere for you to go.