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Maryland Law Review, Issue 71:4 (July 2012)

Volume 71 | Issue 4 | July 2012 

Symposium: Constitutional Redemption and Constitutional Faith

Natalie A. Waryck, Constitutional Redemption and Constitutional Faith: Introduction

Sanford Levinson, How I Lost My Constitutional Faith

Jamal Greene, Fourteenth Amendment Originalism

Aziz Rana, Freedom Struggles and the Limits of Constitutional Continuity

Gerald Torres and Lani Guinier, The Constitutional Imaginary: Just Stories About We the People

Mark A. Graber, Redeeming and Living with Evil

H.W. Perry, Jr., Constitutional Faith, Constitutional Redemption, and Political Science: Can Faith and Political Science Coexist?

Andrew Koppelman, Respect and Contempt in Constitutional Law, or, Is Jack Balkin Heartbreaking?

Jack M. Balkin, The Distribution of Political Faith

A Second Amendment Quartet: Heller and McDonald in the Lower Courts

Stephen Kiehl, A Second Amendment Quartet: Heller and McDonald in the Lower Courts: Introduction

Richard C. Boldt, Decisional Minimalism and the Judicial Evaluation of Gun Regulation

Dennis A. Henigan, The Woollard Decision and the Lessons of the Trayvon Martin Tragedy

John R. Lott, Jr., What a Balancing Test Will Show for Right-to-Carry Laws

David S. Cohen, McDonald‘s Paradoxical Legacy: State Restrictions of Non-Citizens’ Gun Rights


Michael Bakhama, Building Picket Fences: Maryland’s Funeral Picketing Law After Snyder v. Phelps


David McAloon, Davis v. United States: Good Faith, Retroactivity, and the Loss of Principle

Brandon K. Moore, Yi Ni v. Holder: Forced Abortions’ Impact on a Husband’s Right to Reproduce


Maryland Law Review 71:3 (May 2012)

Volume 71 | Issue 3 | May 2012


Mary Anne Franks, Sexual Harassment 2.o

Ari Ezra Waldman, Hostile Educational Environments

Amanda Conley, Anupam Datta, Helen Nissenbaum & Divya Sharma, Sustaining Privacy and Open Justice in the Transition to Online Court Records: A Multidisciplinary Inquiry


Anne Havemann, Surviving the Commerce Clause: How Maryland Can Square Its Renewable Energy Laws with the Federal Constitution

Christine E. White, Clearly Erroneous: The Court of Appeals of Maryland’s Misguided Shift to a Higher Standard for Post-Conviction DNA Relief


Wayne Heavener, Montgomery County v. Shropshire: Trying to Shoehorn Police Intradepartmental Disciplinary Files into the Wrong Cabinet


Maryland Law Review 71:2 (March 2012)


Volume 71 | Issue 2 | March 2012



Jody Lyneé Madeira, Woman Scorned?: Resurrecting Infertile Women’s Decision-Making Autonomy

Dan Friedman, Applying Federal Constitutional Theory to the Interpretation of State Constitutions: The Ban on Special Laws in Maryland

Laurence H. Tribe & Joshua Matz, The Constitutional Inevitability of Same-Sex Marriage



Kristina V. Foehrkolb, When the Child’s Best Interest Calls for It: Post-Adoption Contact by Court Order in Maryland



Shari H. Silver, Michigan v. Bryant: Returning to an Open-Ended Confrontation Clause Analysis

Molly K. Madden, Abbott v. Abbott: Reviving Good Faith and Rejecting Ambiguity in Treaty Jurisprudence

Lindsey N. Lanzendorfer, Garner v. State: Maryland’s Implied Retreat from Implied Assertions


Maryland Law Review 71:1 (December 2011)

Volume 71, Issue 1 (December 2011):

Tributes to Professor Robert I. Keller

Donald G. Gifford

Daniel S. Goldberg

Richard E. Levine

Michael Kelly

Symposium: The Maryland Constitutional Law Schmooze

Foreword: Plus or Minus One: The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments, Mark A. Graber

The Thirteenth Amendment, Interest Convergence, and the Badges and Incidents of Slavery, William M. Carter, Jr.

Congressional Authority to Interpret the Thirteenth Amendment, Alexander Tsesis

Congressional Authority to Interpret the Thirteenth Amendment: A Response to Professor Tsesis, Jennifer Mason McAward

Involuntary Servitude, Public Accommodations Laws, and the Legacy of Heart of Atlantic Motel, Inc. v. United States, Linda C. McClain

Constitutional Politics, Constitutional Law, and the Thirteenth Amendment, Michael Les Benedict

What’s Different About the Thirteenth Amendment, and Why Does It Matter?, James Gray Pope

The Thirteenth Amendment and the Meaning of Familial Bonds, Julie Novkov

Beyond Originalism: Conservative Declarationism and Constitutional Redemption, Ken I. Kersch

Conclusion: The Political Thirteenth Amendment, Rebecca E. Zietlow


The Right to Refuse: Should Prison Inmates Be Allowed to Discontinue Treatment for Incurable, Noncommunicable Medical Conditions?, Daniel R. H. Mendelsohn