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New York University Law Review, 85:1 (April 2010)

New York University Law Review

Volume 85 April 2010 Number 1



The New Poor at Our Gates: Global Justice Implications for International Trade and Tax Law

Ilan Benshalom

The Anti-Stereotyping Principle in Constitutional Sex Discrimination Law

Cary Franklin

Blind Expertise

Christopher Tarver Robertson



Maintaining Educational Adequacy in Times of Recession: Judicial Review of State Education Budget Cuts

Vinay Harpalani

Aggregate Reliance and Overcharges: Removing Hurdles to Class Certification for Victims of Mass Fraud

Shawn S. Ledingham, Jr.

Global Institutional Choice

Frederick J. Lee

Improving the Protection of Species Endangered in the United States by Revising the Distinct Population Segment Policy

Allison L. Westfahl Kong



New York University Law Review, 84:6 (December 2009)

New York University Law Review

Volume 84 December 2009 Number 6



Professor Thomas M. Franck

Richard L. Revesz

Remembering Thomas Franck

Thomas Buergenthal

Thomas M. Franck

Normen Dorsen

In Memoriam: Thomas M. Franck (1931-2009)

Michael J. Glennon

The Invisible College of Thomas Franck

Harold Hongju Koh, Miriam E. Saprio, Christopher J. Borgen, Peter A. Gutherie & Michael J. Mattler

Thomas M. Franck: A Selected Bibliography



The Rights of Migrants: An Optimal Contract Framework

Adam B. Cox & Eric A. Posner

Protecting Them from Themselves: The Persistence of Mutual Benefits Arguments for Sex and Race Inequality

Jill Elaine Hasday

Tax Expenditures and Global Labor Mobility

Ruth Mason



Reining in Non-State Actors: State Responsibility and Attribution in Cases of Genocide

Berglind Halldorsdottir Birkland

Preventing Real Takings for Imaginary Purposes: A Post-Kelo Public Use Proposal

William A. Curran

An Administrative Law Approach to Reforming the State Secrets Privilege

Beth George

Paying-to-Play in Securities Class Actions: A Look at Lawyers’ Campaign Contributions

Drew T. Johnson-Skinner

Blameless Ignorance? The Ledbetter Act and Limitations Period for Title VII Pay Discrimination Claims

Jeremy A. Weinberg

The Choice-of-Law Problem(s) in the Class Action Context

Genevieve G. York-Erwin



New York University Law Review, 84:5 (November 2009)

New York University Law Review

Volume 84 November 2009 Number 5


The Reach of State Corporate Law Beyond State Borders: Reflections Upon Federalism

The Honorable Jack B. Jacobs

Internal Poison Pills

George S. Geis

Existing Uses and the Limits of Land Use Regulations

Christopher Serkin

The Costs of “Discernible and Manageable Standards” in Vieth and Beyond

Joshua S. Stillman

The Constitutional Life of Legislative Instructions in America

Christopher Terranova


New York University Law Review, 84:4 (October 2009)

New York University Law Review

Volume 84 October 2009 Number 4


Cruelty, Prison Conditions, and the Eighth Amendment

Sharon Dolovich

Are All Legal Probabilities Created Equal?

Yuval Feldman & Doron Teichman

Contract Design and the Structure of Contractual Intent

Jody S. Kraus & Robert E. Scott


Privacy, Free Speech, and the Patriot Act: First and Fourth Amendment Limits on National Security Letters

Patrick P. Garlinger


New York University Law Review, 84:3 (June 2009)

New York University Law Review

Volume 84 June 2009 Number 3


Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye

Chief Judge Kaye: A Creative Reformer

The Honorable Stephen G. Breyer

Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye: A Modern-Day Arthur Vanderbilt

Samuel Estreicher & Oscar G. Chase

In Praise of Judith S. Kaye

The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye: A Visionary Third Branch Leader

The Honorable Jonathan Lippman

A Distinguished Path in Public Service

The Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor

Not a Mute Swan

Ellen Schall

Judith Kaye as a Chief Among Chiefs

The Honorable Randall T. Shepard

Chief Judge Judith S. Kaye: Proud to Call Her One of Our Own

Richard L. Revesz

A Portrait of Judith S. Kaye

The Honorable Richard C. Wesley


Securing Fragile Foundations: Affirmative Constitutional Adjudication in Federal Courts

The Honorable Marsha S. Berzon


Myth of Mess? International Choice of Law in Action

Christopher A. Whytock


Rethinking the Federal Role in State Criminal Justice

Joseph L. Hoffman & Nancy J. King


In Search of an Enforceable Medical Malpractice Exculpatory Agreement: Introducting Confidential Contracts as a Solution to the Doctor-Patient Relationship Problem

Matthew J.B. Lawrence


New York University Law Review, 84:2 (May 2009)

New York University Law Review

Volume 84 May 2009 Number 2


Categoricalism and Balancing in First and Second Amendment Analysis

Joseph Blocher

A Theory of Taxing Sovereign Wealth

Victor Fleischer

Toward Procedural Optionality: Private Ordering of Public Adjudication

Robert J. Rhee


A Relational Approach to Schools’ Regulation of Youth Online Speech

Benjamin F. Heidlage

Toward Constitutional Minority Recruitment and Retention Programs: A Narrowly Tailored Approach

Ellison S. Ward


New York University Law Review, 84:1 (April 2009)

New York University Law Review

Volume 84 April 2009 Number 1


Originalism Is Bunk

MItchell N. Berman

Class Certification in the Age of Aggregate Proof

Richard A. Nagareda

Temporary-Effect Legislation, Political Accountability, and Fiscal Restraint

George K. Yin


Limiting Preemption in Environmental Law: An Analysis of the Cost-Externalization Argument and California Assembly Bill 1493

Brian T. Burgess

The Implementation of “Balanced Diversity” Through the Class Action Fairness Act

Jacob R. Karabell

New Dirty War Judgments in Argentina: National Courts and Domestic Prosecutions of International Human Rights Violations

Margarita K. O’Donnell


New York University Law Review, 83:6 (December 2008)

New York University Law Review

Volume 83 December 2008 Number 6


Efficient Breach Theory Through the Looking Glass

Barry E. Adler

Three Pictures of Contract: Duty, Power, and Compound Rule

Gregory Klass

Judicial Review of Legislative Purpose

Caleb Nelson


An Unfree Trade in Ideas: How OFAC’s Regulations Restrain First Amendment Rights

Tracy J. Chin

Valuing the Federal Right: Reevaluating the Outer Limits of Supplemental Jurisdiction

Neel K. Chopra

Is Private Securities Litigation Essential for the Development of China’s Stock Markets?

Marlon A. Layton

Things Better Left Unwritten?: Constitutional Text and the Rule of Law

Jane Pek


New York University Law Review, 83:5 (November 2008)

New York University Law Review

Volume 83 November 2008 Number 5


Evidence-Based Judicial Discretion: Promoting Public Safety Through State Sentencing Reform

The Honorable Michael A. Wolff


The Unconscionability Game: Strategic Judging and the Evolution of Federal Arbitration Law

Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl

The Upside of Overbreadth

Samuel W. Buell


Using Structural Interdicts and the South African Human Rights Commission To Achieve Judicial Enforcement of Economic and Social Rights in South Africa

Mitra Ebadolahi

How To Fix the Inconsistent Application of Forum Non Conveniens to Latin American Jurisdiction—And Why Consistency May Not Be Enough

Rajeev Muttreja

Providing Effective Remedies to Victims of Abuse by Peacekeeping Personnel

Catherine E. Sweetser


New York University Law Review, 83:4 (October 2008)

New York University Law Review

Volume 83 October 2008 Number 4


Foreword: Fifty Years Later

The Grudge Informer Case Revisited

David Dyzenhaus

Positivism and the Inseparability of Law and Morals

Leslie Green

Philosophy, Political Morality, and History: Explaining the Enduring Resonance of the Hart-Fuller Debate

Nicola Lacey

Better To See Law This Way

Liam Murphy

A Critical Guide to Vehicles in the Park

Frederick Schauer

Positivism and Legality: Hart’s Equivocal Response to Fuller

Jeremy Waldron

Practical Positivism Versus Practical Perfectionism: The Hart-Fuller Debate at Fifty

Benjamin C. Zipursky


The Resolution of Contested Elections in the U.S. House of Representatives: Why State Courts Should Not Help with the House Work

Kristen R. Lisk

The Costs of Waiver: Cost-Benefit Analysis as a New Basis for Selective Waiver of Attorney-Client Privilege

Mathew S. Miller

Rethinking the Narrative on Judicial Deference in Student Speech Cases

Sean R. Nuttall

Warrantless Location Tracking

Ian James Samuel

Resetting Scales: An Examination of Due Process Rights in Material Support Prosecutions

Benjamin Yaster