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University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Volume 156 Number 2


Law and the Market: The Impact of Enforcement

John C. Coffee, Jr.
Structuring Judicial Review of Electoral Mechanics: Explanations and Opportunities

Christopher S. Elmendorf
Causing, Aiding, and the Superfluity of Accomplice Liability

Michael S. Moore
Appended Post-Passage Senate Judiciary Committee Report: Unlikely “Legislative History” for Interpreting Section 5 of the Reauthorized Voting Rights Act

Erica Lai
The Constitutionality of Federal Restrictions on the Indemnification of Attorneys’ Fees

Nishchay Maskay

UCLA Law Review, Issue 55:2 (December, 2007)


UCLA Law Review, Issue 55:2 (December 2007).


Alejandro E. Camacho, Can Regulation Evolve? Lessons From a Study in Maladaptive Management, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 293 (2007).

Susan P. Crawford, The Internet and the Project of Communications Law, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 359 (2007).

Renée McDonald Hutchins, Tied Up in Knotts? GPS Technology and the Fourth Amendment, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 409 (2007).


Jordan Berman, Overworking the Presumption of Sanity: Clark’s Use of Mental Disease Evidence to Negate Mens Rea, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 467 (2007).

Ross Naughton, State Statutes Limiting the Dual Sovereignty Doctrine: Tools for Tribes to Reclaim Criminal Jurisdiction Stripped by Public Law 280?, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 489 (2007).

Kristen A. Williams, Employing Ex-Offenders: Shifting the Evaluation of Workplace Risks and Opportunities From Employers to Corrections, 55 UCLA L. Rev. 521 (2007).


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:1 (January 2008)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:1 (January 2008)

Symposium: Public International Law and Economics

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Enriching Rational Choice Institutionalism for the Study of International Law

Kenneth W. Abbott

With comments by Anne van Aaken and Stefan Oeter

Nonconsensual International Lawmaking

Laurence R. Helfer

Measuring the Shadow of the Future: An Introduction to the Game Theory of Customary International Law

George Norman and Joel Trachtman

Treaties: Strategic Considerations

Todd Sandler

With comments by Simon J. Evenett and Katharina Holzinger

Commitment and Diffusion: How and Why National Constitutions Incorporate International Law

Tom Ginsburg, Svitlana Chernykh, and Zachary Elkins

With comments by Anne Peters and Andreas Zimmermann

Competing for Capital: The Diffusion of Bilateral Investment Treaties, 1960–2000

Zachary Elkins, Andrew T. Guzman, and Beth Simmons

With a comment by Christoph Engel

The Case Against Reforming the WTO Enforcement Mechanism

Jide Nzelibe

With comments by Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann and Christian Tietje

The Inefficiency of Universal Jurisdiction

Eugene Kontorovich

Summary Pieces by Christian Kirchner and Georg Nolte


Making Disclosure Regulation Work in the Nonprofit Sector

Robert A. Britton

Winning at All Costs: Using Law & Economics to Determine the Proper Role of Government in Regulating the Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Professional Sports

Joshua H. Whitman


The University of Chicago Law Review, Issue 74:Special


The University of Chicago Law Review, Issue 74:Special (Commemorating Twenty-five Years of Judge Richard A. Posner)

Douglas G. Baird, The Young Astronomers, 74 U Chi L Rev 1641 (2007)

Mary Anne Case, All the World’s the Men’s Room, 74 U Chi L Rev 1655 (2007)

Adam B. Cox, Deference, Delegation, and Immigration Law, 74 U Chi L Rev 1671 (2007)

Richard A. Epstein, Coniston Corp v Village of Hoffman Hills: How to Make Procedural Due Process Disappear, 74 U Chi L Rev 1689 (2007)

Jacob E. Gersen, Legislative Rules Revisited, 74 U Chi L Rev 1705 (2007)

Bernard E. Harcourt, Judge Richard Posner on Civil Liberties: Pragmatic Authoritarian Libertarian, 74 U Chi L Rev 1723 (2007)

M. Todd Henderson, Deconstructing Duff and Phelps, 74 U Chi L Rev 1739 (2007)

William M. Landes, Posner on Beanie Babies, 74 U Chi L Rev 1761 (2007)

Saul Levmore, Judging Deception, 74 U Chi L Rev 1779 (2007)

Richard H. McAdams, Reforming Entrapment Doctrine in United States v Hollingsworth, 74 U Chi L Rev 1795 (2007)

Thomas J. Miles, Posner on Economic Loss in Tort: EVRA Corp v Swiss Bank, 74 U Chi L Rev 1813 (2007)

Martha Nussbaum, Carr, Before and After: Power and Sex in Carr v Allison Gas Turbine Division, General Motors Corp, 74 U Chi L Rev 1831 (2007)

Randal C. Picker, Pulling a Rabbi Out of His Hat: The Bankruptcy Magic of Dick Posner, 74 U Chi L Rev 1845 (2007)

Geoffrey R. Stone, Sex, Violence, and the First Amendment, 74 U Chi L Rev 1857 (2007)

Lior Jacob Strahilevitz, “Don’t Try This at Home”: Posner as Political Economist, 74 U Chi L Rev 1873 (2007)

David A. Strauss, The Anti-Formalist, 74 U Chi L Rev 1885 (2007)

Cass R. Sunstein, Cost-Benefit Analysis without Analyzing Costs or Benefits: Reasonable Accommodation, Balancing, and Stigmatic Harms, 74 U Chi L Rev 1895 (2007)

Alan O. Sykes, Strict Liability versus Negligence in Indiana Harbor, 74 U Chi L Rev 1911 (2007)


The University of Chicago Law Review, Issue 74:4 (Fall 2007)


The University of Chicago Law Review, Issue 74:4 (Fall 2007)


David S. Abrams and Albert H. Yoon, The Luck of the Draw: Using Random Case Assignment to Investigate Attorney Ability, 74 U Chi L Rev 1145 (2007)

Daniel Klerman, Jurisdictional Competition and the Evolution of the Common Law, 74 U Chi L Rev 1179 (2007)

James E. Pfander, Removing Federal Judges, 74 U Chi L Rev 1227 (2007)

Adam M. Samaha, What Good Is the Social Model of Disability?, 74 U Chi L Rev 1251 (2007)


Nathan R. Christensen, The Case for Reviewing Debt/Equity Determinations for Abuse of Discretion, 74 U Chi L Rev 1309 (2007)

Casey R. Fronk, The Scope of Statutory Permissiveness: Private Actions to Enforce Self-Evaluation and Transition Plans under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 74 U Chi L Rev 1345 (2007)

Helen L. Gilbert, Minors’ Constitutional Right to Informational Privacy, 74 U Chi L Rev 1375 (2007)

Anne King, The Common Interest Doctrine and Disclosures during Negotiations for Substantial Transactions, 74 U Chi L Rev 1411 (2007)

Jennifer D. Larson, RLUIPA, Distress, and Damages, 74 U Chi L Rev 1443 (2007)

Kyle P. Reynolds, “Second or Successive” Habeas Petitions and Late-Ripening Claims after Panetti v Quarterman, 74 U Chi L Rev 1475 (2007)

Bryson Santaguida, The Primary Jurisdiction Two-Step, 74 U Chi L Rev 1517 (2007)

Sloan G. Speck, “Failure to Pay Any Poll Tax or Other Tax”: The Constitutionality of Tax Felon Disenfranchisement, 74 U Chi L Rev 1549 (2007)

Matthew J. Tokson, Virtual Confrontation: Is Videoconference Testimony by an Unavailable Witness Constitutional?, 74 U Chi L Rev 1581 (2007)

Book Review

Anita Silvers and Michael Ashley Stein, Disability and the Social Contract, 74 U Chi L Rev 1615 (2007)


Southern California Law Review, 81:1 (November 2007)


Southern California Law Review, 81:1 (November 2007)


Paul H. Robinson & John M. Darley, Intuitions of Justice: Implications for Criminal Law and Justice Policy, 81 S. Cal. L. Rev. 1 (2007)

Barak D. Richman & Christopher R. Murray, Rebuilding Illinois Brick: A Functionalist Approach to the Indirect Purchaser Rule, 81 S. Cal. L. Rev. 69 (2007)


Kenneth Kronstadt, Looking Behind the Curtain: Applying Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act to Businesses Behind Commercial Websites, 81 S. Cal. L. Rev. 111 (2007)

Gabriel Morgan, No More Playing Favorites: Reconsidering the Conclusive Congressional Presumption that Intercollegiate Athletics are Substantially Related to Educational Purposes, 81 S. Cal. L. Rev. 149 (2007)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2007:5 (October 2007)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2007:5 (October 2007)

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Federalism, Federal Regulation, or Free Market? An Examination of Mandated Health Benefit Reform

Amy B. Monahan

Divining and Designing the Future of the Search Incident to Arrest Doctrine: Avoiding Instability, Irrationality, and Infidelity

James J. Tomkovicz

Book Review Essay

Dworkin v. The Philosophers: A Review Essay on Justice in Robes

Michael Steven Green


Catholic Bishop Revisited: Resolving the Problem of Labor Board Jurisdiction Over Religious Schools

Christopher M. Gaul

Diversity Jurisdiction and Unincorporated Businesses: Collapsing the Doctrinal Wall

Christine M. Kailus

The Family and Medical Leave Act: To Waive, or Not to Waive

Carol Wong

Annual Index


The Yale Law Journal, Volume 117, Issue 3 (December 2007)


The Yale Law Journal, Volume 117, Issue 3 (December 2007)


Consumerism Versus Producerism: A Study in Comparative Law

James Q. Whitman

The Constitution Outside the Constitution

Ernest A. Young


Insurance Law’s Hapless Busybody: A Case Against the Insurable Interest Requirement

Jacob Loshin

Concession Agreements: From Private Contract to Public Policy

Nicholas Miranda


Virginia Law Review, 93:8 (December 2007)

VOLUME 93      DECEMBER 2007      ISSUE 8




A New Model of Administrative Enforcement

by Robert J. Jackson,
Jr. & David Rosenberg

The Case for For-Profit Charities

by Anup Malani &
Eric A. Posner



University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Volume 156 Number 1


The Short and Puzzling Life of the “Implicit Minority Discount” in Delaware Appraisal Law

Lawrence A. Hamermesh & Michael L. Wachter
International Consensus as Persuasive Authority in the Eighth Amendment

Youngjae Lee
Antitrust and Nonprofit Hospital Mergers: A Return to Basics

Barak D. Richman
Expanding the Scope of the Hatch-Waxman Act’s Patent Carve-Out Exception to the Identical Drug Labeling Requirement: Closing the Patent Litigation Loophole

Julie Dohm
Third-Party Ratings as Modern Reputational Information: How Rules of Professional Conduct Could Better Serve Lower-Income Legal Consumers

Colleen Petroni