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Columbia Law Review, Volume 108 Issue 1 (January 2008)


Columbia Law Review, Volume 108 Issue 1 (January 2008)


Judging the Voting Rights Act

Adam B. Cox & Thomas J. Miles

Judging Innocence

Brandon L. Garrett


Giving Precise Content to the Eighth Amendment: An Assessment of the Remedial Provisions of the Prison Litigation Reform Act

Why the National Popular Vote Plan Is the Wrong Way to Abolish the Electoral College


Deconstructing Equity: Public Ownership, Agency Costs, and Complete Capital Markets

Ronald J. Gilson & Charles K. Whitehead


Columbia Law Review, Volume 107 Issue 8 (December 2007)


Columbia Law Review, Volume 107 Issue 8 (December 2007)


Procedures As Politics in Administrative Law

Lisa Schultz Bressman

Mandating Access to Telecom and the Internet: The Hidden Side of Trinko

Daniel F. Spulber & Christopher S. Yoo


Opportunistic Informal Bankruptcy: How BAPCPA May Fail to Make Wealthy Debtors Pay Up

The Line Between Liberty and Union: Exercising Personal Jurisdiction over Officials from Other States


The Paradoxes of Cultural Property

Naomi Mezey


Columbia Law Review, Volume 107 Issue 7 (November 2007)


Columbia Law Review, Volume 107 Issue 7 (November 2007)


Suspension and the Extrajudicial Constitution

Trevor W. Morrison


The Forty Year “First Step”: The Fair Housing Act As an Incomplete Tool for Suburban Integration

The Case of the Missing Case: Examining the Civil Right of Action for Human Trafficking Victims


Eminent Domain, Inc.

Amnon Lehavi

Amir N. Licht


Columbia Law Review, Volume 107 Issue 6 (October 2007)


Columbia Law Review, Volume 107 Issue 6 (October 2007)


In Search of the Modern Skidmore Standard

Kristin E. Hickman & Matthew D. Krueger

Abolition of the Corporate Duty to Creditors

Henry T.C. Hu & Jay Lawrence Westbrook


Status on Trial: The Racial Ramifications of Admitting Prostitution Evidence under State Rape Shield Legislation

Editing Direct Democracy: Does Limiting the Subject Matter of Ballot Initiatives Offend the First Amendment?


Common Law Constitutionalism and the Limits of Reason

Adrian Vermeule


Announcing the Law Review Table of Contents Project


I’m pleased to announce a new feature at Concurring Opinions – the Law Review Table of Contents Project. We have invited a number of the top law reviews to post the table of contents to their new issues and to provide links to the articles if they are posted on the law review’s website.

The goal of the Table of Contents Project is to provide you with a useful research tool. Finding out about the latest law review publications can be difficult. If you’re like me, you rarely read the physical issues of law reviews anymore; and you don’t have time to constantly keep checking each law review’s website to see if a new issue has been published. Now you don’t have to. Just keep reading Concurring Opinions, and information about the latest law review scholarship will be brought to you – all in one place!

Each journal’s tables of contents will be archived in two categories: (1) a category called Law Rev Contents – collecting all the law review table of contents postings; and (2) a category for each specific law review.

Participating law reviews thus far include:

* Boston College

* Chicago

* Columbia

* Cornell

* Duke

* Emory

* Fordham

* Georgetown

* GW

* Harvard

* Indiana

* Michigan

* Minnesota


* Northwestern

* Notre Dame

* Southern California

* Stanford

* Texas


* Vanderbilt

* Virginia

* Washington University

* Yale

We still have a bunch of open invitations, so we anticipate that the number of participants will grow. Unfortunately, we cannot include all law reviews, as this will overwhelm the regular content of our blog.

We hope that you find this new feature to be helpful. We’re very excited about it here, as we believe that this will be of great use to keep you informed about new legal scholarship.