Author: UC Davis Law Review


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 50:4 (April 2017)


Who Counts for One Person, One Vote?
Nathaniel Persily

The Interaction of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act After Young v. UPS
Deborah A. Widiss

Stitches for Snitches: Lawyers as Whistleblowers
Dennis J. Ventry, Jr.

Water and Taxes
Dave Owen

McDonnell and Anti-Corruption’s Last Stand
Jacob Eisler

Performative Privacy
Scott Skinner-Thompson

The First Amendment Right to a Remedy
Benjamin Plener Cover


Trust and Antitrust: State-Based Restrictions in Telemedicine
Wynter K. Miller


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 50:3 (February 2017)


Justice Visualized: Courts and the Body Camera Revolution
Mary D. Fan

Implementing Proportionality
Perry L. Moriearty

Judging Immigration Equity: Deportation and Proportionality in the Supreme Court
Jason A. Cade

Analyzing Social Impairments Under Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act
Susan D. Carle

How Big Data Can Increase Originalism’s Methodological Rigor: Using Corpus Linguistics to Reveal Original Language Conventions
Lee J. Strang

Papers from the Conference on California Agriculture: Water, Labor, and Immigration

Some Reflections on Contemporary Issues in California Farm Labor
William B. Gould IV

The Power of a Presumption: California as a Laboratory for Unauthorized Immigrant Workers’ Rights
Kati L. Griffith


Vindication of Federal Statutory Rights: The Future of Cost-Based Challenges to Arbitration Clauses After American Express v. Italian Colors Restaurant and Green Tree v. Randolph
Olga Bykov

Policing Reasonable Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities
Kelley B. Harrington


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 50:2 (December 2016)

Symposium — Disjointed Regulation: State Efforts to Legalize Marijuana

Keynote Speech — The Surprising Collapse of Marijuana Prohibition: What Now?
Richard J. Bonnie

Marijuana Legalization and Horizontal Federalism
Brianne J. Gorod

Legal Cannabis in the U.S.: Not Whether but How?
Sam Kamin

Tax Benefits of Government-Owned Marijuana Stores
Benjamin M. Leff

The Colors of Cannabis: Race and Marijuana
Steven W. Bender

The Economics of Workplace Drug Testing
Jeremy Kidd, Ph.D.

Marijuana Legalization and Pretextual Stops
Alex Kreit

Legalizing Marijuana and Abating Environmental Harm: An Overblown Promise?
Michael Vitiello

Drug War and Peace
Erik Luna


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 50:1 (November 2016)


Miranda 2.0
Tonja Jacobi

Unearthing Summary Judgment’s Concealed Standard of Review
Jonathan Remy Nash

The Hostile Poison Pill
Christine Hurt

Bad Medicine: Parents, the State, and the Charge of “Medical Child Abuse”
Maxine Eichner

Externality Entrepreneurism
Lisa Grow Sun & Brigham Daniels

Conspiracy as Contract
Laurent Sacharoff

Appealing to Congress
Justin Collings


The Electronic “Sign-in-Wrap” Contract: Issues of Notice and Assent, the Average Internet User Standard, and Unconscionability
Erin Canino


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 49:5 (June 2016)


Against Administrative Judges
Kent Barnett

Collaboration Theory: A Theory of the Charitable Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Corporation
Eric C. Chaffee

FERC’s Expansive Authority to Transform the Electric Grid
Joel B. Eisen

The Unresolved Interpretive Ambiguity of Patent Claims
Oskar Liivak

Innovation Law and Policy: Preserving the Future of Personalized Medicine
Rachel E. Sachs


The Relationships Between Speech and Conduct
Jane R. Bambauer


No Paper? No Problem: Ushering in Electronic Wills Through California’s “Harmless Error” Provision
Gökalp Y. Gürer

Warning Third Parties of Genetic Risks in the Era of Personalized Medicine
Kanu Song


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 49:4 (April 2016)


Information Fiduciaries and the First Amendment
Jack M. Balkin


The Pendulum Swings: Reconsidering Corporate Criminal Prosecution
David M. Uhlmann

Predatory Management Buyouts
Iman Anabtawi

Bankrupt Rivers
Rhett Larson & Kelly Kennedy

Safe Harbors, Sure Shipwrecks
Susan C. Morse

Arctic Energy Cooperation
Hari M. Osofsky, Jessica Shadian & Sara L. Fechtelkotter


Navigating the Uber Economy
Benjamin Means & Joseph A. Seiner


Definitional Avoidance: Arbitration’s Common-Law Meaning and the Federal Arbitration Act
Niall Mackay Roberts


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 49:3 (February 2016)


How Litigants Evaluate the Characteristics of Legal Procedures: A Multi-Court Empirical Study
Donna Shestowsky

Absurdity and Excessively Delayed Executions
Russell L. Christopher

Constitutional Stickiness
Ozan O. Varol

Patent Asymmetries
Sean B. Seymore

Recognizing Rights in Real Time: The Role of Google in the EU Right to Be Forgotten
Edward Lee

Contract Meta-Interpretation
Shawn Bayern


Developing a First Amendment Framework for the Regulation of Online Educational Data: Examining California’s Student Online Personal Information Protection Act
Katherine P. McGrath


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 49:2 (December 2015)

Symposium — Corruption and Compliance: Promoting Integrity in a Global Economy

Keynote by Jay Jorgensen
Jay T. Jorgensen & C. Kevin Marshall

Deconstructing Duty Free: Investor-State Arbitration as Private Anti-Bribery Enforcement
Andrew Brady Spalding

Measuring the Impact of Non-Prosecution and Deferred Prosecution Agreements on Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement
Mike Koehler

The Mystery of Declinations Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: A Proposal to Incentivize Compliance
Beverley Earle & Anita Cava

Using Form to Counter Corruption: The Promise of the Public Benefit Corporation
Joseph W. Yockey

The Good Bribe
Philip M. Nichols

How China’s Crackdown on Corruption Has Led to Less Transparency in the Enforcement of China’s Anti-Bribery Laws
Daniel C.K. Chow

Is There a Right to Be Free from Corruption?
Anita Ramasastry

Corruption in India: A Violation of Human Rights
C. Raj Kumar

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UC Davis Law Review, Issue 49:1 (November 2015)


“When Mercy Seasons Justice”: Interstate Recognition of Ex-Offender Rights
Wayne A. Logan

Free Speech Without Democracy
Ashutosh Bhagwat

Gaming the System: The Exemption of Professional Sports Teams from the Fair Labor Standards Act
Charlotte S. Alexander & Nathaniel Grow

The Oedipus Hex: Regulating Family After Marriage Equality
Courtney Megan Cahill

Leaky Covenants-Not-to-Compete as the Legal Infrastructure for Innovation
Robert W. Gomulkiewicz

Justice at War: Military Tribunals and Article III
Peter Margulies


Kickstart My Lawsuit: Fraud and Justice in Rewards-Based Crowdfunding
Christopher Moores


UC Davis Law Review, Issue 48:5 (June 2015)


Rethinking Religious Minorities’ Political Power
Hillel Y. Levin

The Governance Function of Constitutional Property
Lynda L. Butler

The Viability of Enterprise Jurisdiction: A Case Study of the Big Four Accounting Firms
Hannah L. Buxbaum

Dynamic Incorporation of the General Part: Criminal Law’s Missing (Hyper)Link
Eric A. Johnson

The Electric Grid at a Crossroads: A Regional Approach to Siting Transmission Lines
Alexandra B. Klass

Dividing Crime, Multiplying Punishments
John F. Stinneford


Wine Online: Fermenting the Role of Third Party Providers from California to New York
Alana Lenore Joyce

Adopting Solutions to Orphan Drug Shortages
Helen Liu