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Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:2 (March 2008)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:2 (March 2008)

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Unintelligent Design in Contract

Peter A. Alces

Law and Proximity

Adam J. Hirsch and Gregory Mitchell

Reclaiming Egalitariansim in the Political Theory of Campaign Finance Reform

Frank Pasquale

Corporations and the Market for Law

Larry E. Ribstein and Erin Ann O’Hara


Whacking the Political Money “Mole” Without Whacking Speech: Accounting for Congressional Self-Dealing in Campaign Finance Reform After Wisconsin Right to Life

Robert P. Beard

Watered Down: Are Insurance Companies Getting Hosed in the Wind vs. Water Controversy?

Brendan R. Vaughan

Compositions are Being Sold for a Song: Proposed Legislation and New Licensing Opportunities Demonstrate the Unfairness of Compulsory Licensing to Owners of Musical Compositions

Jeffrey A. Wakolbinger


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:1 (January 2008)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2008:1 (January 2008)

Symposium: Public International Law and Economics

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Enriching Rational Choice Institutionalism for the Study of International Law

Kenneth W. Abbott

With comments by Anne van Aaken and Stefan Oeter

Nonconsensual International Lawmaking

Laurence R. Helfer

Measuring the Shadow of the Future: An Introduction to the Game Theory of Customary International Law

George Norman and Joel Trachtman

Treaties: Strategic Considerations

Todd Sandler

With comments by Simon J. Evenett and Katharina Holzinger

Commitment and Diffusion: How and Why National Constitutions Incorporate International Law

Tom Ginsburg, Svitlana Chernykh, and Zachary Elkins

With comments by Anne Peters and Andreas Zimmermann

Competing for Capital: The Diffusion of Bilateral Investment Treaties, 1960–2000

Zachary Elkins, Andrew T. Guzman, and Beth Simmons

With a comment by Christoph Engel

The Case Against Reforming the WTO Enforcement Mechanism

Jide Nzelibe

With comments by Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann and Christian Tietje

The Inefficiency of Universal Jurisdiction

Eugene Kontorovich

Summary Pieces by Christian Kirchner and Georg Nolte


Making Disclosure Regulation Work in the Nonprofit Sector

Robert A. Britton

Winning at All Costs: Using Law & Economics to Determine the Proper Role of Government in Regulating the Use of Performance-Enhancing Drugs in Professional Sports

Joshua H. Whitman


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2007:5 (October 2007)


Illinois Law Review, Issue 2007:5 (October 2007)

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Federalism, Federal Regulation, or Free Market? An Examination of Mandated Health Benefit Reform

Amy B. Monahan

Divining and Designing the Future of the Search Incident to Arrest Doctrine: Avoiding Instability, Irrationality, and Infidelity

James J. Tomkovicz

Book Review Essay

Dworkin v. The Philosophers: A Review Essay on Justice in Robes

Michael Steven Green


Catholic Bishop Revisited: Resolving the Problem of Labor Board Jurisdiction Over Religious Schools

Christopher M. Gaul

Diversity Jurisdiction and Unincorporated Businesses: Collapsing the Doctrinal Wall

Christine M. Kailus

The Family and Medical Leave Act: To Waive, or Not to Waive

Carol Wong

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