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Signing Off…

Many thanks to the fine folks here at Co-Op for inviting me to guest-blog. My time is coming to an end. I’ve enjoyed it; hope you have too. Drop by my solo blog, IsThatLegal, and say hello sometime.


Was Korematsu a “Legitimate” Supreme Court Decision?

Kim Roosevelt and I are debating the legitimacy of Korematsu v. United States over at my blog IsThatLegal. Kim’s arguing that the decision was wrong but nonetheless “legitimate” because it proceeded from a valid principle of deference to military decisionmaking, and I’m disagreeing.

Check it out, and share your thoughts in the comments, either here or there.


Tragical History Tour

In a few minutes I’ll be heading out to the site of the Mindoka Relocation Center for Japanese Americans in WWII, near Twin Falls, Idaho, with a busload of surviving former internees. We’ll be touring the site with National Park Service guides, and later we’ll visit a reconstructed barrack.

Reading Korematsu and the literature on the Japanese American internment is very important. But there’s no better way really to understand the camps than to visit them, especially (if possible) with people who were warehoused there on account of nothing more than their ancestry.

There are camp sites in southern California (Manzanar) and northern California (Tule Lake), northwestern Wyoming near Yellowstone (Heart Mountain), eastern Colorado (Amache), central Utah (Topaz), southern Arizona (Poston and Gila River), southern Idaho (Minidoka), and southern Arkansas (Rohwer and Jerome). If your travels ever take you through any of those regions, stop by. It’ll be worth it.


Summertime for Hitler, Right Here In The U.S. of A.

If your summer plans included a pilgrimage to the Hitler Shrine in southeastern Wisconsin, it turns out that you’ll need an invitation from its owner.

But not to worry! Your daughters can download the “nationalist” music of Prussian Blue (a/k/a Mary-Kate and Ashley Eichmann), pictured above, at the click of a mouse! As this fan notes in his review of the dierndel-draped darlings’ music, “the first three songs on the new CD have nothing to do with race at all. They are geared more toward the young teen set and of course a young girls favorite topic, boys.”

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