Supreme Court Hate Mail–1820s Style

Bushrod Washington received an anonymous letter in 1822 criticizing his recent sale of slaves. The letter apparently came from a Cajun in Louisiana, and reads in part:

Je take la libertie of writing to vous—Je have heard of votre character in Louisiana, where vous rend votre Slaves . . . Vous suppose you are great because named Washington—you imagine you may commit crimes with impunitee. Wretched being le time is coming when vous have to answer for votre base crimes . . . Le Spanish Pirate is better than vous. You send votre fellow mortals to a land of miserie. Vile petit villain how can vous look a manly man in le face. Votre withered hellish countenance black with le deeds of hell . . . Your brains ought to be blown out, vous stinkin Cur . . . Adieu, Je remain votre implacable enemy.



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