Another Discovery about Corfield v. Coryell

In my ongoing research on Bushrod Washington and Corfield, I have come across another Easter Egg. In a letter from Justice Washington to Justice Story dated June 8, 1825, Washington wrote:

“I send you a report of the case of Corfield v. Coryell as you perused the opinion at large during the last session of the Supreme Court.”

What I need to figure out is whether this means Washington showed Story a draft opinion of Corfield. I think that the answer is yes, but I want to check the schedule of the Supreme Court session in question along with the circuit court. If this line does refer to a draft opinion, that raises several wonderful questions. To what extent did the Justices share drafts of circuit opinions with each other? Does this mean that Washington wrote Corfield during a Supreme Court Term? Did Justice Story or another other Justice comment on the opinion?

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