Electric Scooters

I thought I would do some counter programming given the hearing today and talk about electric scooters. Suddenly they have sprung up in cities across America, including mine. This is a great publicity coup for their manufacturer, a startup called Bird. There have, though, already been some fatal accidents involving these devices, which could be attributed to car drivers being unfamiliar with them, inexperienced riders of the scooters, or the lack of any proper regulation.

The question of whether to allow (or how to regulate) these scooters is an interesting one that almost every state or city must consider. Here’s my question though. Does Bird face significant liability for, in essence, springing this as a surprise on people, which in turn can be said to have caused accidents? Was that negligence?

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1 Response

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    Are we talking about cities where there were no bicycles or regular scooters? Because that’s the only place this sort of complaint would appear to make much sense.