FAN 199.2 (First Amendment News) Forthcoming — Special 200th Issue: All-Women Contributors

In September, we will celebrate the 200th posting of the regularly scheduled issue of First Amendment News. The first issue of FAN appeared on February 10, 2014 on the Concurring Opinions website.  

Kellye Testy

To mark the 200th posting we have organized a special online symposium, the first of its kind either online or in print (as far as I know).  The symposium will consist of an all-women issue — 16 women writing original essays on various aspects of freedom of expression under the First Amemdment. The issue will include essays by noted law professors, lawyers, activists, and journalism and communications scholars.

The forthcoming issue follows on the heels of FAN 199, another Special Issue — 38 Women Who Argued First Amendment Free Expression Cases in the Supreme Court: 1880 -2018

 Kellye Testy (President of the Law School Admission Council,  former president of the AALS & former Dean of the University of Washington Law School) is writing the foreword to the symposium. 

The 16 Confirmed Contributors are:

Jane Bambauer

Mary Anne Franks

Sarah C. Haan

Laura Handman

Marjorie Heins

Margot Kaminski

Genevieve Lakier

Lyrissa Lidsky

Jasmine McNealy

Helen Norton

Tamara Piety

Ruthann Robson

Kelli Sager

Alison Schary

Morgan Weiland

Sonja West

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