UC Davis Law Review, Issue 51:5 (June 2018)


Guns N’ Ganja: How Federalism Criminalizes the Lawful Use of Marijuana
Ira P. Robbins

Announcing the “Clean Hands” Doctrine
T. Leigh Anenson

Against Nonmarital Exceptionalism
Albertina Antognini

From Idealists to Hired Guns? An Empirical Analysis of “Public Interest Drift” in Law School
John Bliss

Supreme Irrelevance: The Court’s Abdication in Criminal Procedure Jurisprudence
Tonja Jacobi & Ross Berlin

Protecting LLC Owners While Preserving LLC Flexibility
Peter Molk

Incapacitating Motherhood
Priscilla A. Ocen

Public Choice Theory, the Constitution, and Public Understanding of the Copyright System
W. Michael Schuster


Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence, CRISPR — and Dogs and Cats
Henry T. Greely

Denying Trademark for Scandalous Speech
Ned Snow



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