FAN 194.3 (First Amendment News) Abrams Responds to Seidman’s “Can Free Speech Be Progressive?”

Professor Seidman offers too many assertions that only those who already share his views could possibly accept. . . .

He dismisses recent First Amendment victories in the Supreme Court as a ‘radical right turn in free speech law’ as if they had been written by Steven Miller from his White House desk rather than by not-so-radical jurists such as John Roberts or Anthony Kennedy.  Floyd Abrams 

Floyd Abrams

The online dialogue continues over at First Amendment Watch with today’s posting of Floyd Abramsresponse to Michael Seidman’s “Can Free Speech be Progressive?

Additional posts will appear tomorrow and then into next week:

Friday, June 22:                         John Schnapper-Casteras
Monday, June 25:                      Jane Bambauer
Tuesday, June 26:                     Ronald R.K. Collins
Wednesday, June 27:               Richard Delgado
Thursday, June 28:                   Mike Seidman:  Rejoinder
Friday, June 29 onward:        Reader responses

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