FAN 194.2 (First Amendment News) First Amendment Watch & FAN co-host online roundtable on Seidman essay — “Can Free Speech Be Progressive?”

Free speech cannot be progressive. At least it can’t be progressive if we are talking about free speech in the American context, with all the historical, sociological, and philosophical baggage that comes with the modern, American free speech right. — Louis Michael Seidman

Professor Louis Michael Seidman

Over at First Amendment Watch (FAW) Professor Stephen Solomon has posted the introduction to an online roundtable discussion of Professor Louis Michael Seidman’s essay “Can Free Speech Be Progressive?,” which will be published in a forthcoming issue of Columbia Law Review.  

FAW is partnering with First Amendment News to host and publicize the online rountable.  Professor Solomon has written an introduction to the discussion along with a summary of the Seidman essay (there is also a link to the full essay). Future online exchanges are being considered —  suggested topics are invited (send to:

Below is a list of the commentators whose replies will appear on the FAW website starting tomorrow:

Thursday, June 21:                   Floyd Abrams
Friday, June 22:                         John Schnapper-Casteras
Monday, June 25:                      Jane Bambauer
Tuesday, June 26:                     Ronald R.K. Collins
Wednesday, June 27:               Richard Delgado
Thursday, June 28:                   Mike Seidman:  Rejoinder
Friday, June 29 onward:        Reader responses


Note — reader responses are invited and will be considered for posting. E-mail submissions to The comments selected will be posted on Friday, June 29 and thereafter.

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1 Response

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    “Free speech cannot be progressive. ”

    True. And while there are more damning things you can say about progressivism, (All in the same key: Progressivism’s incompatability with human liberties.) isn’t that damning enough by itself?