West Ford

I’ve posted previously about West Ford, a slave owned by Bushrod Washington’s mother who may have been fathered by the Justice. (Bushrod gave him over 100 acres of land in his will.) The descendants of West Ford argue that he may have been the illegitimate son of George Washington. And there is a website devoted to that subject that they set up.

Unfortunately, the contact email address on the site is no longer active, and the website appears to be dormant. I would love to speak with Ford’s descendants as part of my research, so if anyone knows how to reach them (or can draw their attention to this post), please let me know.

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1 Response

  1. Joe says:

    The website appears to be connected to the author Linda Allen Bryant — see, e.g., the website’s information page — who wrote a book about George Washington’s slave descendants.

    Looking into it found a Facebook page: “Author L.A. Hollis also writing as Linda Allen Bryant.” L.A. Hollis has an active Twitter account (had a post 2/15/18). She also has a personal website — http://lahollis.com/

    The Facebook page has an AOL address connected to it, so might not be active either, lol.