UC Davis Law Review, Issue 51:2 (December 2017)

Symposium — Future-Proofing Law: From rDNA to Robots (Part 2)

Special Lecture: National Security and the Loaded Weapon
Ben Wizner

Dr. Robot
Jane R. Bambauer

Artificial Intelligence Policy: A Primer and Roadmap
Ryan Calo

Cops, Docs, and Code: A Dialogue Between Big Data in Health Care and Predictive Policing
I. Glenn Cohen & Harry S. Graver

The Internet of Things as a Global Policy Frontier
Laura DeNardis & Mark Raymond

The Desert of the Unreal: Inequality in Virtual and Augmented Reality
Mary Anne Franks

DIY Bio: Hacking Life in Biotech’s Backyard
Lisa C. Ikemoto

Private Security Robots, Artificial Intelligence, and Deadly Force
Elizabeth E. Joh

Authorship, Disrupted: AI Authors in Copyright and First Amendment Law
Margot E. Kaminski

Democratic Engagement and the Republic of Science
Peter Lee

Playing with the Data: What Legal Scholars Should Learn About Machine Learning
David Lehr & Paul Ohm

The Race-Neutral Workplace of the Future
Nancy Leong

Tempting Trespass or Suggesting Sociability? Augmented Reality and the Right to Include
Molly Shaffer Van Houweling


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