Secret Service Harassment

The Secret Service is charged with the vital task of protecting the President, his family, ex-presidents, ex-First Ladies, and major presidential candidates.  They must, of course, also investigate credible threats against those that they are asked to protect. But . . .

There are reports in the media that the Secret Service questioned Kathy Griffin following her tasteless photo shoot holding a faux severed head of the President. If this is true, then I submit that this was harassment pure and simple designed to chill speech critical of the President.

Here’s why I say this. Even the densest blockhead knows that Kathy Griffin was not planning to kill the President and was not part of any such plot. She was being crude and offensive, but she has a First Amendment right to do that. The Secret Service (if they really questioned her about that stunt) was acting in bad faith purely because of her offensive speech.

I would be curious to know (if the reports are true) why the Secret Service decided to do this. I would further note that one of the articles of impeachment against Richard Nixon (Article II) was based on his misuse of the Secret Service “in violation of or disregard of the constitutional rights of citizens.”

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