Introducing Karen Czapanskiy

I am delighted to welcome back Karen Czapanskiy, Professor, University of Maryland Carey School of Law, who will be visiting with us in June.  Professor Czapanskiy researches and writes in the areas of family law, feminist thought, and families raising children with disabilities.  Her current scholarship focuses on 1) the idea of “special” education in places like Flint, Michigan where every child is exposed to lead and 2) whether young people with cognitive injuries resulting from lead poisoning should be allowed to sell a structured settlement and, if so, under what conditions.

Her recent publications include:

Stanley v. Illinois, Concurring Opinion of Justice Czapanskiy, in Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court (Linda Berger, Bridget Crawford & Kathy Stanchi eds., Cambridge University Press 2016).

Kids and Rules:  Challenging Individualization in Special Education, 45 Journal of Law and Education 1 (2016).   

The Shared Custody Child Support Adjustment: Not Worth the Candle, 49 Family Law Quarterly 409 (2015).

Special Kids, Special Parents, Special Education47 U. Mich. J. Law Reform 733 (2014).

You can find her SSRN page here.

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