University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 67, Number 2 (Spring 2017)

University of Toronto Law Journal- Volume 67, Number 2 (Spring 2017)


Editor’s note
David Dyzenhaus

The idea for this Focus Feature arose from a panel at the Appellate Courts Seminar in Toronto, organized by the National Judicial Institute in January 2016. There, Peter Hogg presented the argument of the first paper in this feature, and that was followed by a discussion between the two judges featured here, in which they answered the questions that are posed in their papers. As this seemed to me to be a most enlightening set of exchanges, I asked the participants to revise their papers for publication as a Focus Feature, and I also invited two academic colleagues who work on dissents to add their thoughts in a paper that would react to the first three. I thank the National Judicial Institute and all the authors for their contributions.

Why judges should dissent
Peter W Hogg and Ravi Amarnath

The role of dissents in appellate judging
Freda M Steel

‘Writing separately’
Robert G Richards

Ten theses on dissent
Marie-Claire Belleau and Rebecca Johnson

Against racial profiling
Amit Pundik

Commodification and the allocation of care and responsibility for children
Wanda Wiegers

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