Augustus Noble Hand

The other day I had the following thought: Doesn’t Augustus Hand deserve his own biography?  Granted, there is a fair amount of material on him in Gunther’s biography of Learned Hand, but should we think of A. Hand as just L. Hand’s duller cousin? He was a highly regarded judge, and the contributed some very significant opinions in several areas, including constitutional law. And in reading through some of his prose, you can see that he was also a lively stylist, albeit more modest or formal than his cousin. Plus, I was also struck by the fact he was apparently a friend of W.E.B. Dubois (they went to Harvard together).  Anyway, I will do some posts in the coming weeks on Judge Hand.  Could be my next book. Who knows?

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3 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    “The Remarkable Hands: An Affectionate Portrait” covers both of them.

    See also:

    He sounds like an interesting character and given the broad range of biographies out there, he seems to be worthwhile enough of a subject among the historical figures that have them. Not sure he would get special attention above and beyond others though.

  2. Mike Stern says:

    You can call it “On the Other Hand”

  3. David Maaass says:

    The Second Circuit in those days was a Murderers’ Row. There ought to be a joint biography of the Hands, Frank, Clark, Swan, et al.