Presidential Electors Should Take A Vow of Silence

This campaign is strange for all sorts of reasons, but one aspect that I want to comment on is the chatter by certain presidential electors that they may not vote for the candidate that carries their state or district. Journalists have been doing a good job of finding some (mostly Republican, but also at least one Democratic) disgruntled electors who want to vote for Mike Pence or Joe Biden or someone else.

These people should keep quiet.  While they have the constitutional right to vote for anyone eligible to be President, they have no special qualifications to make that judgment.  Do you know who your presidential electors are?  Of course not.  Almost anyone that a party puts forward can be an elector, except for people who hold a federal office.  Many of them are complete dunderheads.  It’s just one of the many reasons why the Electoral College should be repealed, though there is every indication that that system will limp on for four more years.


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