“Hamilton, the Musical”

Hamilton_smallI am listening to the Broadway cast recording of “Hamilton,” and it is fantastic.  My definition of a great idea is something that sounds obvious once you hear it but was never thought of or done before.  That is true in this case, but with the additional thought that even if I had considered writing a rap musical about Hamilton, I could never have done it.  Some people are just touched by genius.  (The George III songs are particularly inspired, though there many others.)

With respect to Hamilton, I was thinking yesterday that it’s remarkable that he was so influential given he was never elected to anything.  (He may have been popularly elected to be a delegate at New York’s constitutional ratifying convention, but everything else was appointed.)  Indeed, Hamilton may be the most important unelected official in our nation’s history, though there are some Justices with a claim to that title.


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3 Responses

  1. Joe says:

    Wikipedia tells me he was in the NY assembly. I gather he might have been elected to it.

  2. Babak Siavoshy says:

    +1 — the soundtrack is fantastic. I’m not a ‘musical person’ by any means but it was recommended by a friend and is available on spotify, and I’ve been listening to it all week (love the homages to 90s hip hop classics). Not sure if he ever held elected office, but I can’t imagine being persuaded that there is any justice that might be put ahead of Plubius on the “importance” scale.