Flashback circa 2006 — First Amendment lawyers, scholars and journalists gather to discuss press freedoms & Espionage Act


20 July 2006, Newseum, Rosslyn, Virginia

In ascending order, from left to right:

Floyd Abrams, Jeffrey H. Smith, Robert Corn-Revere, Susan Buckley, Shelby Coffey,  Lee Levine, Geoffrey Stone, Sandra Baron, Lucy Dalglish, Ronald Collins, Tiffany Villager, David Hudson, Scott Armstrong, Stephen Vladeck, Harold Edgar, and Paul McMasters. 

The participants gathered for a First Amendment Center workshop on the Espionage Act and Press Freedoms. The workshop produced a book by Geoffrey Stone: Top Secret: When Our Government Keeps us in the Dark (Rowman & Littlefield, 2007) (foreword by Ron Collins & commentary by Stephen Vladeck).

Those were the days!

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