Upcoming Online Symposium on Martha Ertman’s Love’s Promises: How Formal and Informal Contracts Shape All Kinds of Families

During the week of June 22, 2015, we will be hosting on online symposium on Professor Martha Ertman’s ground-breaking new book Love’s Promises: How Formal and Informal Contracts Shape All Kinds of Families (Beacon Press). Most people think of love and contracts as strange bedfellows, or even opposites. Professor Ertman’s Love’s Promises shows that far from cold and calculating, contracts shape and sustain families. Insightful, accessible, and revelatory, Love’s Promises lets readers in on the power of contracts and deals to support love in its various forms and to honor the different ways that individuals contribute to our daily lives.

To discuss Love’s Promises, we will be joined by an exciting group of scholars (including Martha Ertman): Jana SingerKimberly MutchersonCarlos BallMichele GoodwinDoug NeJaimeNaomi Cahn, Solangel MaldonadoZvi TrigerHillary BerkRobin LenhardtRosanna Hertz, and Judith Stacey

For D.C./Maryland residents, you can catch Professor Ertman doing a reading from the book today at 3 p.m. at Politics & Prose.



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1 Response

  1. What a pleasure it is to engage these wonderful responses to Love’s Promises! Many, many thanks to Danielle Citron for pulling all of this together, and to the thoughtful participants in this symposium for reading the book and for putting their thoughts together so quickly after the book’s May release. That’s all the more impressive since many wrote in the flurry right after the Court issued its opinion in Obergefell, in the mix of media interviews and speed-reading Kennedy’s lyrical words. Having spent eight years toiling to find a voice, format and substantive message that might make it over the walls to sociologists and other disciplines, as well as people who are living their lives far afield of academics and law, I mostly want to just listen to what people get out of the book (and not!) and what they have to say about the amazing outcome of the marriage equality litigation.

    But since Love’s Promises is all about the back-and-forth of relationships (and Danielle has convinced me that yes, on-line relationships are indeed human relations), I’m jumping in. I can’t begin to respond to all the strands of what people are saying, but will do my best to pull out the threads that relate to one another and to the larger question of what law does with the families I call “Plan B.”