“We Hold These Truths”

For those of you who love constitutional law like I do, here is a Christmas present.  I’ve mentioned in some prior posts that Bill of Rights Day in December 1941 was celebrated with a radio drama narrated by Jimmy Stewart that included many Hollywood stars.  At the end of that program, FDR gave an address to the nation that expressly contrasted the Bill of Rights with Nazi Germany.  I thought that that were was no easily accessible audio version, but I was wrong.

Go to this link and scroll down until you reach the program.  The President’s address starts at the 49:00 minute.  Among the highlights:

1.  Jimmy Stewart’s melodramatic performance.

2.  Edward G. Robinson as the outraged political protestor in jail.

3.  The way they used louder background music to drown out the more technical parts of the Bill of Rights.

4.  The discussion of the Second Amendment.

5.  The discussion of how Christ inspired the First Amendment.

Plus a lot more.  Enjoy!

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  1. Joe says:

    Very nice. Plus, there is a link there for an Orson Welles Christmas Carol.