The Campus Book Tour

If you are publishing a new book–as almost all Co-Op bloggers seem to be doing, including Danielle, Frank, and me–getting the word out entails effort across mainstream media, social media, niche blogs, radio and TV, and, of course, old-fashioned book tours.  While technology and industry change have opened other media to more authors and others in the marketplace of ideas, the book tour has lost ground with the rise of ebooks and etailing and the decline of the traditional bookstore.

Into that void, however, the university is stepping. And not just for campus books like William Deresiewicz’s Educating Sheep,  in the swing of a 20-stop university based tour.  By reaching out to friends across the academy, a book tour can be fashioned to reach relevant communities. Targeting the open minds that ideally characterize university gatherings, the campus tour might even be more consequential than you could have done criss-crossing the country’s old Borders, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million stores.

Thanks to the generosity of a network of professorial friends, such a book tour for Berkshire Beyond Buffett: The Enduring Value of Values, starts tomorrow at the University of Delaware. This is first in a series for a 20-stop tour, most at universities or other learned societies, as well as one in the Author at Google / You Tube series.  The banners or pennants of many of the schools appear below and a full regularly updated list can be found here. School Pennants

While what I most enjoy is preparing my lecture and then engaging in Q&A, putting the trip together also has its rewards, especially connecting with so many wonderful colleagues across so many schools.  But I know it’s a lot more work for them than me, so I want to use this blog post to shout out my deep gratitude to all those who are helping with this, listed specifically below.

For those authors now thinking about organizing a campus book tour, I should mention that it takes considerable effort, entails some frustration, and, like most everything in social life, should include a commitment to give at least as much  you hope to get in the exercise.   When I have a complete list of tips to pass on after this tour its completed, I’ll write them up in a blog post here.  For now, I can say that the wonderful people helping with this have made it thoroughly worthwhile.  Looking forward to seeing everyone on the road!


Thanks so much to:

Val Myterberi and all my friends at Cardozo Law School, Heyman Center on Corporate Governance (Yeshiva U.); Damon Phillips, Jack Coffee, Zohar Goshen (Columbia U., Business and Law Schools); Bruce Kelly (Drake U. School of Business); Charles Elson and Kim Ragan (U. Delaware Lerner School of Business); Jim Kelly (Fordham U. Gabelli Business School); Mark Klock, Rodney Lake, Jeff Manns, Toni Foncette and all my friends at GWU (Business and Law Schools); Chris Goulakos and Karl Moore (McGill U.); Claire Hill, Brett McDonnell, Christina Melloh, Paul Vaaler (U. Minnesota, Law School and Carlson School of Management); John McGinnis, Derek Gundersen, Kate Rice (Northwestern U., Kellogg School of Management and Searle Center); Corrina Lain (Richmond U. Business and Law Schools); Brian Tayan, Evan Epstein, Joe Grundfest, David Larcker  (Stanford U. Business and Law Schools, Rock Center on Corporate Governance); Miriam Cherry (St. Louis U. Business and Law Schools); Joan Heminway, George Kuney, Sophia Brown (U. Tennessee); Dean Krehmeyer (U. Virginia Darden School); Hillary Sale (Washington U in St Louis Law School and Olin School of Management).

In addition, thanks to Chris Goulakos for setting up an event at the New York Society of Securities Analysts, to Saurabh Madaan for setting one up at Google in the Authors-at-Google series that will appear later on You Tube, and to several anonymous supporters who are organizing private events at various locales.  Thanks also to prawf bloggers who have helped publicize the book, including Steve Bainbridge, Jay Brown, Joan Heminway, and David Zaring.  There are still more schools to come on the book tour and many more people to thank and I’ll be sure to thank you as the tour moves along.

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