FAN 19.1 (First Amendment News) — Media Scholar Named Next Dean of GW Law School

It’s now official: Blake D. Morant, dean of the Wake Forest University School of Law and president-elect of the Association of American Law Schools, will be the next Dean of the George Washington Law School. According to a GW press release: Dean Morant “will assume the deanship on Sept. 1 after having served seven years as dean of the Wake Forest University School of Law. ‘Blake Morant is not only a seasoned dean but also a national leader in legal education,’ said GW President Steven Knapp. ‘He brings to this important position a proven record of accomplishments, and his extensive leadership experience will make him an extremely valuable addition to our law school and the entire university.'”

Dean Blake Morant

Dean Blake Morant

“‘I have respected and admired the George Washington Law School throughout my career and consider serving as its next dean to be a distinct privilege,’ Mr. Morant said. “‘I look forward to working with the constituency of this historic institution during this time of both challenge and extraordinary opportunity.'”

Media Law Scholarship

Though his scholarship includes other areas of law (such as contracts, administrative law, and legal education), Dean Morant’s articles on media law include the following:

Advance Greeting: Welcome to Washington, D.C., Dean Morant!

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  1. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Thanks for sending out such a great announcement. We at GW are delighted by the appointment of Dean Morant. Since you highlighted his media law scholarship, I figured I’d add a partial list of his contract law scholarship. I note that I was familiar with some of this work before the Dean search process, became more familiar with it during it, and then provided a more detailed assessment for GW colleagues.

    Contracts in Context and Contract as Context, 45 Wake Forest L. Rev. 549 (2010) (with Larry DiMatteo) (Symposium – Contracts in Context: Identity, Power, and Contractual Justice).

    Visions of Contract Theory – Critical Aspects of Contract Doctrine (Carolina Press 2007).

    The Salience of Power in the Regulation of Bargains: Procedural Unconscionability and the Importance of Context, 206 Mich. St. L. Rev. 925 (2007) (Symposium: Power, Inequality and the Bargain).

    The Quest for Bargains in an Age of Contractual Formalism: Strategic Initiatives for Small Businesses, 7 J. Small & Emerging Bus. L. Rev. 233 (2003) (Symposium -The Eighth Annual Lewis & Clark Business Law Forum: The Role of Law in Small Business Transactions).

    Law, Literature, and Contract: An Essay in Realism, 4 Mich. J. of Race and Law 1(1998) [Lead Article].

    The Teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Contract Theory: An Intriguing Comparison, 50 Ala. L. Rev. 63 (1998) (Symposium – Dr. Martin Luther King’s Life in Proactive Engagement: The Lawyer As Social Activist in the Community).

    The Relevance of Race and Disparity in Discussions of Contract Law, 30 New England L. Rev. 889 (1997) (Symposium – Critical Race Perspectives for the New Millennium).

    Contractual Rules and Terms and the Maintenance of Bargains: The Case of the Fledgling Writer, 18 Hastings Comm. & Ent. L.J. 753 (1996).

    Contracts Limiting Liability: A Paradox With Tacit Solutions, 69 Tulane L. Rev. 715 (1995).