Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 35, Issue 5




VOLUME 35   JUNE 2014   NUMBER 5
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All rights reserved



The Conflict Between Stare Decisis and Overruling in Constitutional Adjudication 
Steven J. Burton  1687

Lift the Scarlet Letter from Abortion 
Louise Melling  1715


A Fiduciary Theory of Health Entitlements 
Margaux J. Hall  1729

Dirty Secrets: The First Amendment in Protective-Order Litigation
Dustin B. Benham  1781

From Wolves, Lambs (Part II): The Fourteenth Amendment Case for Gradual Abolition of the Death Penalty 
Kevin Barry  1829

Religion, Women, and the Holy Grail of Legal Pluralism
Shiva Falsafi  1881

A Theory of Local Common Law
Annie Decker  1939

Grid Governance: The Role of a National Network Coordinator
Ashira Pelman Ostrow  1993


Unauthorized Practice of Law and Meaningful Access to the Courts: Is Law Too Important to Be Left to Lawyers?
Matthew Longobardi  2043

Disparate Treatment of Disparate Treatment: Harmonizing Title VII Pretext and 
Mixed-Motive Jury Instruction Causation Standards in Light of Staub v. Memorial Hospital
Eric Rosoff  2079

The Social Model’s Case for Inclusion: “Motivating Factor” and “But For” Standards of Proof Under 
the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Impact of the Social Model of Disability on Employees with Disabilities 
Lisa Schlesinger  2115


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