Thanks, Concurring Opinions, April was fun!

Shipley CoverMy month as a guest blogger ends today.  Contra T.S. Eliot, my April at Concurring Opinions was great fun.  So I want to express my thanks to Danielle Citron for the invitation, and to her co-bloggers at Concurring Opinions for such a great platform on which to share my ideas.

Most of my posts this month concerned recent developments concerning terrorist watchlists, and especially the No Fly List, which are ongoing research interests of mine.  For those interested in the subject, the University of Michigan Press has expedited the publication of the paperback edition of my book, Mrs. Shipley’s Ghost: The Right to Travel and Terrorist Watchlists.  Reviews have been published in The Chronicle of Higher Education and the Journal on Migration and Human Security.  The Dallas NPR affiliate also featured the book on a one-hour radio program.

And for those interested in the latest No Fly List cases, including Tanvir v. Holder, Ibrahim v. DHS, and others, I am in the process of developing a clearinghouse on my personal website that will keep track of developments in the growing number of such cases.  This project is in its early, conceptual stages; I hope that I can launch it sometime this summer.  If anyone has created and administered such an online resource, I’d be interested in learning from your experience.

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