Illinois Law Review, Issue 2014:2

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2014:2

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Ideology Qualifications and Covert Senate Obstruction of Federal Court Nominations – Ryan J. Owens, et. al. (PDF)

Whither Bespoke Procedure? – David A. Hoffman (PDF)

Judging the Case Against Same-Sex Marriage – Andrew Koppelman (PDF)

Fixing Multi-Forum Shareholder Litigation – Minor Myers (PDF)


A Chink in the Armor? The Prosecutorial Immunity Split in the Seventh Circuit in light of Whitlock – Nicholas R. Battey (PDF)

Minimizing the Menace of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act – Kristin Isaacson (PDF)

The Supreme Court and § 101 Jurisprudence Reconciling Subject-Matter Patentability Standards and the Abstract Idea Exception – Jeremy D. Roux (PDF)

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  1. James Morris says:

    Illinois Law Review has opened my mind. I have been going through lots of law reviews this week. But this one is special for me.