FAN 12.3 (First Amendment News) Floyd Abrams Institute Sponsors Upcoming Conference

The Floyd Abrams Institute for Freedom of Expression is sponsoring an upcoming First Amendment conference at Yale Law School. This will be the the second Freedom of Expression Scholars Conference, which is hosted by the Information Society Project (ISP) at the Law School. The event is scheduled for May 3-4, 2014.abrams-logo

“The conference brings scholars together to discuss their works-in-progress concerning freedom of speech, expression, press, association, petition, assembly, and related issues of knowledge and information policy. The conference offers participants an opportunity to receive substantive feedback through group discussion. Each accepted paper will be assigned a discussant, who will lead discussion and provide feedback to the author. Participants will be expected to read papers in advance, and to attend the entire conference.”

The array of topics for the conference includes:

  • Constitution Betrayed: Free Expression, the Cold War, and the End of Democracy
  • First Amendment Challenges to Economic Regulation in the Jehovah’s Witness Cases       
  • Free Speech Constitutionalism (see also here)
  • National Security Letters and the First Amendment, Brief of Amici Curiae Floyd Abrams Institute and First Amendment Scholars, In re Nat’l Sec. Letter (9th Cir. filed Mar. 31, 2014) (Brief currently under seal)
  • Old School/New School Speech Regulation (see also here)
  • Product Redesign as Commercial Expression: Antitrust Treatment of Speech and Innovation
  • Revenge Porn (see also here)
  • The Freedom not to Think
  • Unreasonable Access: Disguised Issue Advocacy and the Role of Broadcasters in Shaping Public Discourse
  • When Government Lies: The Constitutional Implications of the Government’s Deliberate Falsehoods
  • Why Data Privacy Law is (Mostly) Constitutional (see also here)

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The participants are:

  • Tabatha Abu El- Haj
  • Amy Adler
  • BJ Ard
  • Enrique Armijo
  • Jack Balkin*
  • Derek Bambauer 
  • Jane Bambauer
  • Vincent Blasi 
  • Joseph Blocher
  • Nicholas Bramble
  • Kiel Brennan-Marquez
  • Alan Chen
  • Danielle Citron
  • Devan Desai
  • Stephen Feldman
  • Hilary Greene
  • James Grimmelmann
  • David Han
  • Thomas Healy
  • John Inazu
  • Margot Kaminski*
  • Leslie Kendrick
  • Jeremy Kessler
  • Randy Kozel
  • Laura Little
  • Greg Magarian
  • Jonathan Manes
  • Toni Massaro
  • Kerry Monroe
  • Helen Norton
  • Mary-Rose Papandrea
  • Tamara Piety
  • Neil Richards
  • Lee Rowland
  • Esteve Sanz
  • David Thaw
  • Alexander Tsesis
  • Andrew Tutt
  • Felix Wu
  • Laura Weinreb
  • Tim Zick

* Professor Balkin is the Director & Ms. Kaminski is the Executive Director of the ISP.

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