Criticizing Justice Stevens

96px-John_Paul_Stevens_official_SCOTUS_portrait_cropJohn Paul Stevens has a new book out detailing six constitutional amendments that he would like to see ratified. Put another way, it’s about six constitutional cases that he lost. The book is not getting a good reception from some quarters, but I think the criticism is overdone. He’s 94 years old–cut the guy some slack.

Besides, the real reason to doubt Justice Stevens’ powers of analysis is that he thinks Shakespeare did not write Shakespeare’s plays. Lots of people have made this claim over the past four hundred years, but a lot of that rested on class snobbery (“How could a nobody like Shakespeare have written them? It must have been the Earl of So-and-So.”) In our egalitarian age, though, this argument has no place. Recant Justice Stevens! While you still can.

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2 Responses

  1. Brett Bellmore says:

    I have no desire to cut him any slack. He did his worst to impose these amendments on the nation by judicial fiat, while on the Court, and came terrifyingly close to success. Now he’s written a book, nominally aimed at Congress, but, realistically, the real target is the Court, in the hope that some day soon there will be five votes to re-write the Constitution more to his liking.

    It’s a roadmap for gutting the Bill of Rights, and I don’t have to cut anybody slack who writes one of those.

  2. Allison Williams says:

    My guess is it’s ok as a book on his experiences and thoughts but trying to sell his ideas and principles on the rest doesn’t seem right.