Third Annual Robotics and Law Conference “We Robot”

hdr-we-robot-2014-1Michael Froomkin, Ian Kerr, and I, along with a wonderful program committee of law scholars and roboticists, have for three years now put on a conference around law, policy, and robotics.  “We Robot” returns to the University of Miami School of Law from Stanford Law School this year and boasts an extraordinary roster of authors, commentators, and participants.  Folks like Jack Balkin, Ann Bartow, Kenneth Anderson, Woodrow Hartzog, Mary Anne Franks, Margot Kaminski, Kate Darling, and David Post, among many others.  Not to mention a demo from a roboticist at the University of Washington whose lab built the surgical robot for the movie Ender’s Game.

I’ve discovered that academics in other disciplines habitually list the acceptance rate of papers.  We Robot III accepted only twenty-five percent of the papers under submission, which compares favorably with the strongest and longest-running conferences in computer science, electrical engineering, and human-computer interaction.  Indeed, judging by the abstracts at least, the papers this year are very exciting, taking on difficult and timely issues from a range of perspectives.

On behalf of our community I invite you to register for and attend We Robot, April 4-5, 2014, in Coral Cables, Florida.  I also hope those who enjoyed We Robot I and II will chime in below, if inclined!  Thank you,

The We Robot III Planning Committee

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5 Responses

  1. Woody says:

    I’d like to second Ryan’s enthusiasm for the We Robot conference. The past two events have been two of the most substantive and exciting conferences I’ve ever attended. I expect the same this year. Come for the stimulating conversation about the next frontier in law and technology; stay for the Taco Copter.

  2. Kate says:

    Best conference EVER.

  3. palak says:

    best conference. I don’t hear about this before read this post but after read this post just i wanna say to thank you for this. Appreciate it for this post, I am a big fan of this website would like to keep updated.

  4. Great information and nice Hompage… 🙂

  5. ian says:

    although “robotics and the law” may sound eclectic and niche, since the inception of this event three years ago, its trajectory for mainstream application is outpacing moore’s law. like established areas of techlaw such as cyberlaw and ip, the opportunity for novel, creative and original discussion abounds. its a great crowd and, best of all, froomkin knows how to host an intellectual party. hope to see lots of new faces!!