Introducing Guest Blogger Aníbal Rosario Lebrón

I am delighted to welcome Aníbal Rosario Lebrón who will be blogging with us this month.  Professor Rosario Lebrón is a Puerto Rican law professor, linguist, and Aníbal Rosario Lebrónphotographer. He is currently the Ralph S. Petrilli Distinguished Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville School of Law.  He graduated with a B.S. in Biology and a J.D. from the University of Puerto Rico. Professor Rosario Lebrón’s teaching career began at the University of Puerto Rico School of Law where he taught for three years as an Adjunct Professor and served as an adviser for the Trial Advocacy Association and coach for the Law School’s trial advocacy teams. He also taught in the Pre-Law Program of the Interdisciplinary Studies Department of the Liberal Arts College of the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. After receiving his LL.M. in Legal Theory from New York University School of Law, Professor Rosario Lebrón taught for three years as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Hofstra University. Professor Rosario Lebrón’s research examines how certain narratives are used in Family Law, Criminal Law, and Evidence to subdue various groups based mainly on their gender and sexual identities. Professor Rosario Lebrón is also committed to closing the educational achievement gap and has worked on numerous initiatives toward this end.

Professor Rosario Lebrón’s recent publications include:

For Better and for Better: The Case for Abolishing Civil Marriage, 5 Wash. U. Jur. Rev. 189 (2013).

La juridificación de la familia y su construcción como ente apolítico [The Juridification of the Family and its Construct as a Non-Political Entity], Revista Electrónica del Instituto de Investigaciones Ambrosio L. Gioja, Año V, Número Especial, 616 (2011).

De invisibilidad, torceduras y rectitud, todas las familias tenemos un poco [All families are a bit queer, invisible, and straight], Revista Cayey Núm. 89:71 (noviembre 2009).

La revolución dentro de la revolución: Una mirada a la situación de la mujer en la Cuba socialista [The Revolution within the Revolution: A Perspective on the Condition of Women in Socialist Cuba], 75 REV. JUR. UPR 731 (2006).

You can find his SSRN page here.

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