Exciting New Chapter for CoOp: Thanks to Collins and Yung

The blog has made some exciting steps forward. We have changed our look. For many, I imagine it has taken some getting used to–I wrestled with the various changes to the New  Republic and New York magazines and each time, I adjusted. We are hoping that our new look appeals to our readers. More importantly, we have two new, fantastic permabloggers. Ronald K.L. Collins is a free speech thought leader; Corey Yung does fantastic work on judicial decision-making, criminal law, and sex crimes. Looking forward to reading and writing!

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2 Responses

  1. Like most, I imagine, I read CO via RSS. But I really like the new look when I click through to read comments.

  2. AYY says:

    I like the old format better. The new format doesn’t have a space for recent comments, so it would be helpful if you could add that. Also t the old format seemed to be easier to navigate and had room for more posts on the first page.