Cardozo Law Review, Vol. 35, Issue 3




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An Empirical Study of the Use of Legal Scholarship in Supreme Court Trademark Jurisprudence
Derek Simpson & Lee Petherbridge 931

Negotiating the Unknown: A Compulsory Licensing Solution to the Orphan Works Problem
Robert Kirk Walker 983


In Search of Meaningful Systemic Justice for Adolescents in New York

In Search of Meaningful Systemic Justice for Adolescents in New York 
Jonathan Lippman 1021

Freedom’s Road: Youth, Parole, and the Promise of Miller v. Alabama and Graham v. Florida
Laura Cohen 1031

Contempt, Status, and the Criminalization of Non-Conforming Girls
Cynthia Godsoe 1091

Reimagining the Role of Defense Counsel for Adolescents in the Adult Criminal Court System: 
Bringing the Community and Policymakers into the Process to Achieve the Goals of Gideon
Nancy Ginsburg 1117

Bringing the Best of Both Worlds: Recommendations for Criminal Justice Reform for Older Adolescents
Lisa Schreibersdorf 1143

Youth in the Adult Criminal Justice System
Liz Ryan 1167


Bridging the Cellular Divide: A Search for Consensus Regarding Law Enforcement Access to Historical Cell Data
Zachary Ross 1185

An Uncertain Privilege: Reexamining Garner v. Wolfinbarger and Its Effect on Attorney-Client Privilege
Benjamin Cooper 1217

Everybody Wins! Elimination of the Absolute Priority Rule for Individuals Under BAPCPA: A Middle Ground
Liliya Gritsenko 1255

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