American Arms Race

One has to wonder what the upshot of this story is for those who promote more widespread ownership of guns:

As a male moviegoer texted, the man seated behind him objected, and asked the texter to put his phone away. . . . Voices were raised. Popcorn was thrown. And then came something unimaginable — except maybe in a movie. A gun shot. [The texter] was fatally wounded. His wife was hit, too, through the hand as she raised her hand in front of her husband as the shooter drew a handgun.

Is the idea behind, say, universal carry (or concealed-carry) that someone else in the theater could have shot the gun out of the killer’s hand before he shot the texter? That in a world of universal gun ownership, nobody would think to pull a gun on someone else in a trivial situation like this because the other person’s wife would shoot back? I recall reading a science fiction novel years ago about a world where everyone was exceedingly polite, because they knew everyone else was packing lethal force. That may be about the most positive outcome I can imagine from the emerging American arms race.

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