Illinois Law Review, Issue 2013:5

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2013:5

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Women’s Exclusion from the Constitutional Canon – Jill Elaine Hasday (PDF)

Levels of Generality, Constitutional Comedy, and Legal Design – Adam M. Samaha (PDF)

The Constitution of the Second Generation – Alison L. LaCroix (PDF)

Guru Dakshina – Saikrishna Bangalore Prakash (PDF)

The “Unwritten Constitution” and Unwritten Law – Stephen E. Sachs (PDF)

The Status of Unwritten Constitutional Conventions in the United States – Keith E. Whittington (PDF)

Federalism Unwritten – Jason Mazzone (PDF)

Originalism and the Unwritten Constitution – Lawrence B. Solum (PDF)

Ways to Think About Unenumerated Rights – Michael W. McConnell (PDF)


The Trouble with Treble Damages: Ditching Patent Law’s Willful Infringement Doctrine and Enhanced Damages – Samuel Chase Means (PDF)

Uncounseled Tribal Court Convictions: The Sixth Amendment, Tribal Sovereignty, and the Indian Civil Rights Act – Katherine Robillard (PDF)

Plumbing the Depths of Corporate Litigation: Reforming the Deepening Insolvency Theory – John Tully (PDF)

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