A Very Smart Take on PPACA

The narrative of President Obama’s quest for universal health care reminds me of Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea: the prize catch of March, 2010 has been nipped and nicked for over 3 years, as SCOTUS, House Republicans, neoliberal regulators, and various other opponents degrade parts of it. Some of Obama’s political opponents are celebrating the botched rollout of HealthCare.gov. But as Mike Konczal observes, they should be careful what they wish for:

[T]his failed rollout is a significant problem for conservatives. Because if all the problems are driven by means-testing, state-level decisions and privatization of social insurance, the fact that the core conservative plan for social insurance is focused like a laser beam on means-testing, block-granting and privatization is a rather large problem. As Ezra Klein notes, “Paul Ryan’s health-care plan — and his Medicare plan — would also require the government to run online insurance marketplaces.” Additionally, the Medicaid expansion is working well where it is being implemented, and the ACA is perhaps even bending the cost curve of Medicare, the two paths forward that conservatives don’t want to take.

On the other hand, some aren’t chicken about bolder visions of health reform.

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