Thank you

I am always grateful for the opportunity to discuss topics we all find interesting with this community. I find it supportive and helpful, and it doesn’t hurt that Co-Op is filled with brilliant scholars. I am humbled and inspired by everyone’s comments and posts.

Thank you for inviting me onto your screens or your various mobile devices. Special thanks to the incomparable Danielle Citron for bringing me on this month and to Danielle and the amazing Frank Pasquale for their insightful comments about my work going forward. Works-in-progress only become great completed works with the help and support of others. That’s why I love Co-Op.

I look forward to meeting and working with many of you in the coming years. I am making arrangements now to workshop my research at law schools and sociology departments, so I hope to see some of you soon! Please feel free to email me at if you would like to chat.

Happy Fall!

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