Illinois Law Review, Issue 2013:4

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2013:4

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Parent Civil Unions: Rethinking the Nature of Family – Michele Goodwin & Naomi Duke (PDF)

The New Public Domain – Joseph P. Liu (PDF)

Disentangling Conscience and Religion – Nathan S. Chapman (PDF)

Transparent Predictions – Tal Z. Zarsky (PDF)


Negotiations for the Home: A Balanced Approach to Good Faith in Foreclosure Mediation – Hannah Costigan-Cowles (PDF)

Justification for Juries: A Comparative Perspective on Models of Jury Composition – Jane E. Dudzinski (PDF)

The Gift that Gives Too Much: Invalidating a Gifting Exception to the Absolute Priority Rule – Amy Timm (PDF)

Taking Up Space by Any Other Means: Coming to Terms with the Nonappropriation Article of the Outer Space Treaty – Timothy Justin Trapp (PDF)

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