Thanks to the Entire Clan

I’ve been gratified and moved throughout this symposium to see people I deeply admire and respect take up my ideas and run with them. For me, it’s been a powerful experience of intellectual community in the digital age. And so as our symposium draws to a close, I want to take a moment to extend my thanks. I’ll be responding to Mark’s and Sudha’s recent posts and to other posts that may come in later tonight in the comments section.

First, thanks to Deven Desai for organizing the symposium and keeping it running so smoothly, and to the good folks at Concurring Opinions for hosting our discussion.

Next, thanks to the dedicated, international clan of participants who read my book and provided such learned, lively, and diverse commentary about it. I can hardly believe the range of topics we’ve covered. To Mark Fenster, Lucas Grosman, Arnold Kling, Jan-Christoph Marschelke, Tim Murphy, Jeanne Schroeder, Sudha Setty, Stephen Utz, and Doyle Quiggle, I raise a glass from here in Connecticut.

Finally, thanks to those readers who posted in the comments sections, and to everyone who followed along with our discussion. If you’d like to take up any points with me directly, please feel warmly welcome to get in touch.

Best wishes to everyone for a relaxing weekend, wherever you are in the world—and thanks once more for such an interesting, enjoyable exchange of ideas. Wow!

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3 Responses

  1. Lucas Grosnman says:

    Thanks to you, Mark, and to our hosts, Deven in particular, for such a splendid opportunity to learn from others. We can say good-bye with our honor intact. I look forward to the inevitable follow-ups!

  2. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Very well done. Enjoyed it very much.

  3. Jan-Christoph Marschelke says:

    Thanks a lot for this wonderful symposium, Mark and Deven, it´s been an honor (individual) to have been part of it! Best from Greece/Germany, Jan