A John Bingham Stamp

Figure EightBefore getting into the main post, I should note that we won’t be doing any other posts on the Egyptian Constitution for the time being.  It may be gone by this time tomorrow.  The Army is a rolling constitutional moment.

Now on to my main point.  What do the following people have in common?  Bing Crosby, Dr. Seuss, Queen Isabella, and Carmen Miranda?  Ding ding.  They have all appeared on official U.S. postage stamps.  You can say the same for more obvious people such as Alexander Hamilton and George Washington.

How about the author of the Equal Protection Clause?  Has John Bingham ever appeared on a stamp?  The answer is no.  That’s a shame.  There have been some efforts to get him a stamp in the past that fell short.  I don’t pretend to understand the politics of this.  I assume that some Representative or Senator from the home state of the person (in this case, Ohio) needs to squawk at the Postal Service to make a special stamp happen.

A new series of posts starts tomorrow for the 4th!

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  1. mls says:

    The Egyptian Defense Minister is like Justice Kennedy, but with a better uniform.