Illinois Law Review, Issue 2013:2

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University of Illinois Law Review, Issue 2013:2

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Informing Consent: Voter Ignorance, Political Parties, and Election Law – Christopher J. Elmendorf & David Schleicher (PDF)

Natural Law & Lawlessness: Modern Lessons from Pirates, Lepers, Eskimos, and Survivors – Paul H. Robinson (PDF)

Against Being Against the Revolving Door – David Zaring (PDF)

The Law-Free Zone and Back Again – Janet Cooper Alexander (PDF)


Prostitution and The Right to Privacy: A Comparative Analysis of Current Law in the United States and Canada – Dannia Altemimei (PDF)

This is A Remix: Remixing Music Copyright to Better Protect Mashup Artists – Kerri Eble (PDF)

If It’s Broke, Fix It: Federal Regulation of Electrical Interstate Transmission Lines – Elena P. Vekilov (PDF)

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1 Response

  1. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Kudos to David Schleicher, randomly cool that his pieces appeared in contiguous journal announcements at CoOp today, in the Illinois and Yale journals.