Welcoming Back Guest Blogger William McGeveran

I am thrilled to welcome back a friend of the blog Professor William McGeveran, the Lampert Fesler Research Fellow and Associate Professor of Law at University of Minnesota School of Law. Professor McGeveran specializes in information law, including intellectual property, data privacy, communications and technology, and free speech. His primary current research focuses on legal and other rules governing digital identity and data privacy, ranging from online impersonation to celebrities’ rights over their images to the privacy features of Facebook and other social networks. Additional areas of research include rights to use trademarks for communicative purposes such as parody or comparative advertising, and the tension between transparency and privacy in regimes areas such as election regulation or open records laws. He teaches Data Privacy, Trademark, Civil Procedure I and II, and Law in Practice. He is an affiliated professor at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications and a frequently uses Twitter (as @BillMcGev).

Professor McGeveran earned a J.D., magna cum laude, from New York University and a B.A., magna cum laude, in political science from Carleton College. Prior to coming to the University of Minnesota, Professor McGeveran was a resident fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. He previously clerked for Judge Sandra Lynch on the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and practiced as an intellectual property litigator at Foley Hoag LLP in Boston. Before law school, Professor McGeveran worked in national politics for seven years, primarily as a policy aide to Democrats in the United States House of Representatives. He grew up in New York City.

His recent work includes: 

Deidentification and Reidentification in Returning Individual Findings from Biobank and Secondary Research: Regulatory Challenges and Models for Management, 13 Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology 485 (2012) (with Leili Fatehi & Pari McGarraugh); Mrs. McIntyre’s Persona: Bringing Privacy Theory to Election Law, 19 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 859 (2011); Comment, Life in the Fast Lane: Of Presumptions, Defenses, and Burdens, 1 IP Theory 25 (2010).
The Trademark Fair Use Reform Act, 90 Boston University Law Review 2267 (2010); Disclosure, Endorsement, and Identity in Social Marketing, 2009 University of Illinois Law Review 1105 (2009); Four Free Speech Goals for Trademark Law, 18 Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal 1205 (2008); Rethinking Trademark Fair Use, 94 Iowa Law Review 49 (2008); Mrs. McIntyre’s Checkbook: Privacy Costs of Political Contribution Disclosure, 6 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law 1 (2003)


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