Happy 10,000th Post!

I was just working on my next guest post when I noticed a little statistic in the dashboard: there have been 10,007 posts to Concurring Opinions. Which means this lil’ ol’ “blawg” passed a significant milestone about a week ago that deserves some celebration — and heartfelt  thanks to Dan Solove and the cadre of other permanent bloggers who keep it going.

By my count, post number 10,000 was a pointer to a new essay about the Kirtsaeng decision in the Stanford Law Review Online. That’s appropriate, because spreading the word about interesting and timely legal scholarship — especially stuff that appears in less traditional places like the journals’ online supplemnets — has been one of ConOp’s many services to the rest of us for years now.

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2 Responses

  1. Lawrence Cunningham says:

    Nice milestone; thanks for marking. (A few months ago, over a weekend too, I posted about our 7 millionth visitor.)

  2. Frank Pasquale says:

    Thanks, Bill–really nice to see that milestone.