University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 63, Number 2, Spring 2013


University of Toronto Law Journal – Volume 63, Number 2, Spring 2013

Opinion Writing and Authorship on The Supreme Court Of Canada
Kelly Bodwin, Jeffrey S Rosenthal, Albert H Yoon

Focus Feature: Criminal Jurisdiction: Comparison, History, Theory
This focus feature hopes to start a fresh conversation about criminal jurisdiction, in domestic and international law, informed by comparative, historical and theoretical perspectives. Jurisdiction is a fantastically rich subject that receives either too little or too much attention: too little attention as a way to get at basic questions about the nature of power, sovereignty, punishment, community and too much attention as a doctrinal or administrative matter of curial coordination.

Markus D Dubber

Extraterritorial Jurisdiction to Enforce In Cyberspace? Bodin, Schmitt, Grotius in Cyberspace
Mireille Hildebrandt

Territorial Jurisdiction and Criminalization
Lindsay Farmer

Criminal Jurisdiction And Conceptions Of Penality In Comparative Perspective
Markus D Dubber

Authority to Proscribe and Punish International Crimes
Guyora Binder

The End of the Road to Serfdom?

David Dyzenhaus

Relational Autonomy and Individuality
Marilyn Friedman

Is Eating People Wrong: Great Legal Cases and How They Shaped the World
Jim Phillips

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