Snapshot Of The Legal Market

Like a blog barnacle, I continue to hang on to the good ship Concurring Opinions.  At least for another month.  Thank you for inviting me to stay on.

Today, an observation about the legal market (and a plug for a friend’s start up). Len Gray is a former Latham & Watkins associate who, prior to law school, worked as a headhunter in Atlanta.  Even so, Len was turned off by legal headhunters, whom he regarded as too aggressive and often insensitive to finding the right fit.

Len quit Latham at a time when many lawyers were beginning to worry about their jobs.  He used his own money to create an online platform to help lawyers find jobs they like better. is free to applicants; employers pay an annual subscription fee, and then only after they make their first placement.  There are many hundreds of job listings.  Some very big players—Latham, for one, Skadden Arps, Microsoft, United Airlines, NYU Law School, Axiom, and others—have signed up for the beta.  And no one calls you (except hopefully for an interview).

Even if you are not actively job-seeking, it is perhaps worth taking a look.  There are about 1400 jobs on the site.  What strikes you is the geographic, institutional, and practice area diversity.  In poking around, I quickly found a listing to work in-house for a fortune 50 company.  On privacy. In Paris.  There are start ups in San Francisco.  Tax positions in Dublin.  And presumably misses positions that a lawyer could do, but where legal training is not a requirement.

I’m certainly not saying that reports of the death of the legal market are greatly exaggerated.  Surely there are many more than 1400 lawyers looking for work.  It seems that newly minted lawyers in particular are having trouble finding a job, more so than laterals.    But I was still struck by the number and variety of law jobs Len had found, and a little hopeful for privacy lawyers with some French.

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