Introducing Kelli Alces

We are delighted to welcome Kelli Alces as a guest blogger here at Concurring Opinions for the month of May.

Kelli is the Loula Fuller and Dan Myers Professor of Law at Florida State University where she specializes in corporate law. Her scholarship has addressed corporate governance in bankruptcy, corporate fiduciary duties, shareholder representation and executive compensation.  She has done particularly pioneering work concerning the role and reasons for the board of directors.

Kelli has been a visiting professor at George Mason University, University of Iowa and the University of Richmond.  She graduated from the College of William & Mary and earned her J.D. from the University of Illinois.  Before entering the academy, she was an associate of Gardner, Carton & Douglas in Chicago.   Some highlights of her outstanding scholarship, mostly available on SSRN here, follows:

Legal Diversification (forthcoming Columbia L. Rev. 2013)

The False Promise of Risk-Reducing Incentive Pay (J. Corp. L. 2012) (with Brian Galle)

Beyond the Board of Directors (Wake Forest L. Rev. 2011)

The Equity Trustee (Arizona St. L. J. 2010)

Debunking the Corporate Fiduciary Myth (J. Corp. L. 2009)

Directors’ Duties in Failing Firms (with the late Larry Ribstein) (2007)

Welcome Kelli!

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